The World's Premier Weighted Blanket
Imagine a blanket that could give you the same benefits as a full body hug. It can help you relax and sleep better!
Doctor Recommended: Meet TRUBlanket!
"I recommend the TRUBlanket to all patients that come to me with anxiety, depression, sleep disorders, hormonal imbalances, PTSD, children and adults with autism and generally anyone stressed out."
Dr. Melissa Gallagher
The Science
Weighted blankets are highly regarded by medical experts. They have been used with great success in hospitals and in therapy for decades to support people who experience stress and sleep disturbances. Click on any of these medical journals to learn more!
What Sets TRUBlanket LUX Apart?

Minky Plush Cover
a luxuriously minky soft plush cover on 1 side and minky dot for tactile sensory on the other

Larger Glass Beads
TRUBlanket™’s weight comes from clean polished glass beads instead of plastics that give off an odor and contain unknown chemicals. 
Diamond Pattern Stitching
We’ve solved complaints of shifting weight and crunching sounds with a unique stitching pattern that keeps the weight distributed evenly and reduces noises
High Quality Stitching
reinforced and running all the way to the edge to ensure the glass beads stay in place and weight stays evenly distributed
Happiness Embroidered
it is our wish that everyone that uses this blanket will feel just that, Happiness!

Luxury Feel and Packaging
This is the best blanket there is, so we made sure the look and feel match that!

"We live in a world where anxiety runs deep. Depression, PTSD, rejection, just plain stress...but the moment I pulled the TRUBlanket over me I felt peaceful,'s like nothing I'd ever felt before!"
- Thayne Jasperson
"I was a little skeptical at first but after that first night's sleep...It's amazing, I slept like a rock."
- Mark Y.
"I could not have asked for anything better! Any time I see the happiness embroidery I smile."
- Kim

We Have a TRUBlanket for Everyone

Picture the world outside melting away while you snuggle with your loved ones or pets. Read a good book, watch a funny movie. On your bed or on your couch, relax and enjoy a TRUBlanket.
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