Sky Bedding has changed its name to TRU Lite
Why does waterproof matter?
When you sleep -- in one year, your body will produce:
- Enough sweat to fill a 5 gallon bucket
- 1/2 lb. of dead skin
- 1/4 cup of skin oils

All of this works its way down into your mattress and accumulates, night after night. Year after year. And that’s just the normal sleeping in your bed. We haven’t even gotten to dripping baby bottles, spilling that nighttime glass of water, your damp towels after a shower, occasional nighttime incontinence, or other ordinary messes that happen to us all. 

Your sheets aren’t enough protection to keep the mattress clean. It starts to look a little dingy at first. A few stains here and there start to add up. After a while, it changes color – with gross spots in the middle showing exactly where your body lays. Even worse than that, it starts to smell a little funky. 

Once all that gunk is in your mattress, there's almost no effective way to get it out. Unless, of course, you have figured out the secret of stuffing your mattress into your washing machine. (Pssst... Quit dreaming! Even that wouldn’t work. If it did fit, it would void your mattress warranty, your washing machine warranty, and your insurance probably wouldn't cover the flood damage. Can you imagine how the washing machine would vibrate? The logical conclusion to that little daydream ends up with your disaster becoming a hilarious viral video. "You’ll Never Believe What They Stuffed in Their Washing Machine!”)

And then, there's dust mites…
Dust mites are creepy little organisms that look like something from a sci-fi movie. And they are everywhere in your house, because one of the most delicious things on this planet to them is all those tiny cells of dead skin you are constantly shedding. So, when those flakes of dead skin are accumulating in your mattress, the dust mites know exactly where the free 24/7 buffet is.

As if having millions of dust mites living in your bed isn't gross enough -- when they eat, well... they poop. Their feces are an irritant to many people. In fact, if you know anyone who has a dust allergy, what they’re actually allergic to is dust mite feces! No one wants to say they’ve got a dust mite poop allergy, though. Anyway, these irritations can cause disturbances in your sleep patterns. They can aggravate snoring, cause runny noses, and be a problem for people with sleep apnea. All these problems add up to a terrible night’s sleep, which will leave you feeling tired and groggy throughout the day. Thanks, dust mites! 

Why waterproof protection matters…
All TRU Lite products are designed to help you improve your sleep. Our mattress and pillow protectors are waterproof, and this is key to protecting you. That waterproof protection not only prevents your mattress from being damaged by liquids and spills, but it’s essential to keep dead skin, body oils, and sweat out of your mattress. When there is nothing for dust mites to feast on, they never take up residence in your mattress. The same is true of mold and mildew. It’s vital that your bed stay fresh and clean, so that you get an excellent night’s sleep. 

Speaking of clean…
TRU Lite mattress protectors are easy to remove. Unlike your mattress, they are machine washable. They are also a fitted sheet style, which means they will fit almost any size mattress and will not shift, or slide around on your bed. They protect your bed without being crunchy, or crinkly, or making any noise. Meanwhile, your mattress is protected and you are getting your best night's sleep possible.

What about SKY Bedding? 
You may have heard of SKY Bedding before as a top name in mattress protection. That’s us, but our name has changed. What hasn’t changed is our products - they are still the same superior quality and workmanship. The video shows the same 100% waterproof mattress protector, which provides excellent protection for you and your family. And of course, we’re still committed to making sure you get a great night’s sleep!
I replaced an old mattress cover on my bed when I needed an extra one for a guest bed. I didn't know that I didn't like the old one, until I slept on the new one! It was easy to put on my deep mattress, smooth going on and felt great, smooth and soft. I poured a bit of water on it to see if it was actually waterproof. The water made a about a foot wide circle as it soaked in, but it did not leak or even feel damp
- Mary 

"We have had different mattress protectors. Some have wrinkled and caused me pain in my legs and rear end (I am a very sensitive sleeper). Also, we have young kids that sometimes sleep with us. Leaky bottles and diapers have caused stains on our mattresses. I wanted something that would actually keep the mattress spot free, wouldn't wrinkle under that sheets, and actually protected the mattress from the dead skin and other nastiness that the vacuum salesman always seems to find when they want us to buy an overpriced vacuum. We have used this protector for three weeks now. My baby's bottle left a 14 inch wet spot on the sheets but none of it made it onto the mattress. So far so good. This is also quiet. I've had some other good protectors but they were plasticy and very noise every time I rolled over."
- Corbet M. 

"You can't beat this mattress cover! Great price and wonderful sleep. It doesn't bunch, because the terry cloth is grippy enough not to slide. The pockets are deep enough for our pillow-top mattress. The waterproof lining isn't hot, but it's breathable. No sweaty nights - just cool comfort. And I've seen some questions about how noisy it is - it's not. No crunchy, crinkly sounds to disturb your sleep, just a simple, comfortable, cool mattress cover.”
- Lady G. 

"I really like these pillow protectors. I've tried different kinds, but with my toy dogs that like to curl up near my head I wanted something to protect my expensive down pillows. This does. Very satisfied. I like that they're smooth to the touch and they don't have that funky plastic feeling. The pillowcase slides nicely over it. "
- Snowbird
Q & A
What is the difference between the smooth and terrycloth options?
The smooth mattress and pillow protectors are our least bulky option. They are pliable and thin, so that your pillows and mattresses will be protected without being noticeable. 

Terrycloth protectors add an extra layer of absorbency to soak up any liquids or spills. Because they are backed with a waterproof layer, they still keep pillows and mattress dry and clean. The terrycloth also adds a bit of grip so that sheets and pillowcases do not slide around as much.  
Does it make the bed hot to sleep on?
No. Because TRU Lite protectors are breathable, they don't trap in hot air.
Do they make any crinkly or crunchy sounds?
No. No noise or sounds when you move on your bed.
Are they washable?
Yes. They are machine washable. Tumble dry on low to prevent any damage to the waterproof layer. 
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